List Your Used Heavy Equipment With Us!

List your used heavy equipment with Integrity Truck & Equipment and we’ll your lists equipment on the most popular websites and places where people find equipment. ITE also uses its network of relationships to sell the equipment in a timely fashion. ITE works hard to get comparable prices on the market to get a fair amount for the equipment that is for sale.

Buying and selling heavy equipment can be an overwhelming experience. Most business owners are busy running their businesses and they need to know the facts, make the most of their money all while preserving the rarest commodity, time! By listing with Integrity Truck & Equipment business owners get the benefit of a usuable equipment appraisal, the lowest cost selling fee in the industry and we do all the listing and legwork to save the business owner time. What are the facts? Below you’ll find bullet points on processes and fees you might experience when you go to sell your equipment.

Auction- Sellers are charged up to 15% Seller’s Fee plus shipping of their machine.

Trade in- Most dealers offer 20-30% Less Retail Value and offer no inspection or appraisal .

List your used heavy equipment with Integrity- Flat 5% off the price YOU CHOOSE and you don’t pay us until your equipment is sold.

Integrity Truck & Equipment is a used heavy equipment dealer that was started as a way to bring quality used heavy equipment to the market and build relationship with each person that calls, understanding their unique needs and pointing them in the best direction possible with their equipment purchase or sale.

Check out our current heavy equipment inventory to find the equipment you need. Can’t find what you’re looking for? Contact us today and we’ll utilize our customer relationships to find the right piece of equipment for your project.


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